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As you are probably aware, Los Cabos, Mexico, and its sister cities of San Jose and Cabo San Lucas, has become one of the fastest growing resort destinations in North America. With this growth, real estate values continue to appreciate at an unprecedented pace, with demand for high end luxury homes in gated communities exceeding available supply.

For many prospective buyers, the central issue is whether it makes economic sense to purchase a vacation home which may be used only a month or two each year, not to mention the ongoing responsibility of maintaining the property during those periods of non-use.

There are, however, other viable alternatives where one may now own a second home without the need to disproportionately invest beyond those periods of actual use, and where one is not burdened by the normal responsibilities associated with home ownership.

To this end, I am pleased to announce that CABO FRACTIONAL PROPERTIES, LLC has been exclusively retained for purposes of generating interest in an investment opportunity that is one of the fastest growing segments in the vacation industry --- fractional ownership.

This opportunity, which is not only unique, but the first of its kind in Los Cabos, involves the private placement of securities in a limited liability company (TERRA FIRMA EQUITY PARTNERS, LLC) which is proposing to construct an exclusive single family residence in one of the area's most affluent neighborhoods --- CABO DEL SOL, the " Cape of the Sun."

Although the issuance of securities is the means through which membership in the Company will be documented, investors will own equity in the project and share in the appreciation in the value of the residence. In our opinion, this is one of the best opportunities we have seen in fractionals that involve single family residences; it also represents the closest to a true fractional in every material respect. Finally, our discussions with the management of the Company indicate this will be a first class program.

This opportunity is not available to the general public and will be limited to a select number of qualified investors. Securities in the Company will be sold in the form of monthly units of fixed time commencing on the 15th and ending on the 14th day of each month ("Units"). Consequently, one electing to participate in this investment will have the right to exclusively use the residence for the entire month in each calendar year which corresponds to the Unit that is purchased.

Units will be variably priced according to season, and there also will be no limit on the number of years a member may use its Unit, which may be held indefinitely and passed along to family members through testamentary disposition or other forms of transfer. We believe the offering will be fully subscribed during its stated term with some investors electing to purchase multiple Units.

The governance of the Company also has significant advantages over other fractional programs. Through a Homeowners Committee comprised of Company members, recurring maintenance fees will be established by the Committee to cover only those costs which are necessary to maintain the property, thus eliminating mark-ups which are a source of ongoing profit to developers of similar type fractionals.

The proposed residence (7,300 square feet under roof) with its magnificent view of the Sea of Cortez, will be professionally managed, fully furnished, and will include a golf cart for transportation within the Cabo del Sol resort.

Equally important is the fact that U.S. law will govern the respective rights of all members of the Company, thereby reducing much of the uncertainty normally associated with foreign investments.

The property is located six (6) miles east of Cabo San Lucas in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the area where there has been a rapid escalation of real estate prices due to a limited supply of undeveloped lots. With access to premier beach and golf facilities, it is believed price appreciation in this community will far exceed Cabo averages.

Please note this is not a right to use or a timeshare program, nor is limited by a term of years. Again, this is a fractional program which includes full equity participation and unlimited usage rights, or the perfect combination from which legacies are created.

If you are truly interested in diversifying your investment portfolio, or just enjoy returning to experience the amenities offered by one of the most sought after resort destinations in Mexico, I encourage you to review our website materials and fill out and return the Expression of Interest and Questionnaire which is included

Kind Regards,

Eric C. Schwenkel

Cabo Fractional Properties, LLC

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